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PR and Marketing

PR and Marketing us e similar techniques, their goals are different. Marketing, which includes advertising and promotion, intends to sell products and services. It's an image creating business, trying to sell persons, government policies, corporations, and other institutions. At its best PR works in two directions. It attempts to make a person or organization responsive to public expectations. At the same time it tries to persuade the public to respond in favorable way. When successful, good PR presents an image that corresponds to the reality.

How is PR different from Advertising?

The first striking difference is that Advertising is 'paid for' communication.

Secondly, it works through mass communication.

Advertising can be communicated to customers through print and electronic media. Public Relation relies on communication tools:

PR relies on all the media advertising as well as others also. For example direct mail is often used for PR campaigns. Advertising have commercial purpose as it involves the selling of goods and services to the public. Therefore the audience to whom it is targeted to is largely external. Public Relations addresses specialized external and internal audiences.

PR plays a larger role than selling a product or service. It is involved in the development of goodwill and the fostering of long term relationships with all those key people who can affect the practice of a person's business. It makes the public understand the reason it is in business for and familiarize them with the organization. Advertising is the oldest of the communication disciplines. It is extremely sophisticated and utilizes state of the art technology in its practice.

PR is boarder in scope-dealing with the policies and performances of the entire organization. Many communication practitioners believe that advertising is a subset (a part of a larger group of related things) of PR.

RK Films & Media Academy, the institute best known for all-round mass media courses offers and invites admissions at its Delhi College Campus:

1. BA Mass Communication & Journalism (After 10+2; any stream)
2. MA Mass Communication & Journalism (after bachelors; any stream)
3. Diploma & PG Diploma in Mass Media and Journalism
4. Diploma in Radio & TV Journalism (Weekend classes)
5. Diploma in Film & TV Editing
6. Diploma in Film & TV Direction
7. Diploma in Filmmaking & Video Production
8. Diploma in Sound Recording & Audio Production
9. Diploma & Certificate courses in Professional Photography
10. Diploma & PG Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations
11. Certificate in Radio Jockeying, Anchoring & News Presentation
12. Certificate in Voice Culture (Voice Over, Dubbing & Narration)

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