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Join Mass Media College courses at RKFMA in Delhi. Fee payable in Monthly Installments.
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Model Curriculum for Post Graduate (PG) Degree in

Mass Communication, Journalism & Media Management

Based in Delhi, R K Films & Media Academy is a recognized name among educational institutions that provide quality learning of post-graduate degree in mass communication, journalism and media management. We acknowledge the wide gap that exists between demand and availability of trained media professionals across the media industry. There are now television channels mushrooming at a fast pace to cater to a niche audience. Similarly, print media offices are now opening in many small cities to have a better reach to their target readers thereby offering many opportunities.

One just needs the right skill set that we provide by our carefully designed mass communication courses. Those who are expecting their bachelor degree results or have it already can apply for our PG degree course. There is also a lot of flexibility regarding payment of fees as we accept mass media courses fees in affordable monthly installments. Well-equipped with advanced media equipment, we are one of the best institutes offering mass media degree courses. No wonder, a large number of students came from all over the country to enroll in our PG media course. Over the years, they manage to attain the heights of success in the competitive media industry.

First Term
During this term, our students are required to attend a series of lectures delivered by the industry stalwarts and our own teaching staff on diverse media topics. The idea behind the same is to make the students familiar with radio, TV and photo journalism as well as print media. We introduce students to a myriad of uses of computer software in media, and yes, the fascinated world of cinema too. Apart from these, students are required to do an array of practical projects to get the hands-on experience necessary to reinforce their learning of media topics.

Second Term
By the time students reach the second term, we make sure that they have a good understanding of all the basic aspects of the media industry. In the second year, they begin to specialize on subjects that offer more insight into the same. This year too, students are engaged in practical learning. Most importantly, they get to know about media ethics, PR, media research, methods of shooting, and many other aspects that are important to know to perform well as a media professional. Contrary to other mass media degree courses, our model curriculum of PG course reflects the changing needs of the media industry and more stress is on practical learning.

Work & Internships post 2nd Year/ Final Year
We offer wonderful internship and job opportunities in leading media organizations to all students who successfully complete their second year of PG degree course. This empowers them to face future challenges in the industry.

We try our best that deserving students are absorbed in these organizations after completion of their internship tenure and experience a glorious career in media.

In short, we are committed to make our students socially responsible and successful media professionals via our mass communication courses. Our students enjoy decent placement and many have even carved a niche for themselves in the industry.

First Year

Sl. No. Subject Title / Topics Details Code
1 Introduction to Media, Communication& Journalism PG-A-101
2 Media Writing &Skills PG-A-102
3 Radio Journalism (Broadcast Journalism - I) PG-A-103
4 TV Journalism (Broadcast Journalism- I) PG-A-104
5 Introduction to Computers: Software applications for Print & the Web PG-A-101
6 Introduction to Cinema: Theory, Language & Film Appreciation PG-A-102
7 Applied Theater, Phonetics and Presentation Skills PG-B -103
8 Advertising, Copywriting and Corporate Communication PG-B -104
9 Print Media PG-B -105
10 Photo-Journalism PG-B -106
  Practical Projects to be executed by the learners  
11 Audio Production Lab Prac-101A
12 Video Production Lab Prac-102A
13 Print Media Production Lab Prac-103B

Second Year

Sl. No. Subject Title / Topics Details Code
1 Contemporary India- Constitution, Politics, Economics & Society PG-C-201
2 Media Laws, Ethics & Issues PG-C-202
3 Public Relations & Event Management PG-C-203
4 Brand & Media Management, Media Planning &Buying PG-C-204
5 Media Research PG-C-205
6 Technical & Creative Writing PG-C-206
7 (A) Film & TV Studies (Video & Audio Productions) (B) Broadcast Journalism- II
-Techniques of Cinema & Television:
Visual Aspect, Audio Aspect, Editing Aspect
- Methods of Shooting - Scriptwriting & Screenwriting - Short Films & Documentaries - Television Shorts and Film Shorts - Shaping the Content - Shaping the Form - Shooting within a TV Studio - Art and Craft for Cinema & TV - Cinema & TV: Process of Cosolidation - Growth of Cinema & TV as an Art Form - Synthesis of Cinema & TV Techniques - Structure of a Fiction Film - Motion Graphics studies - Project: Dubbing Methods - Directorial Practice
8 Human Rights & Duties PG-C-208
    Practical Projects to be executed by the learners  
9 Audio Production Lab Prac-101A
10 Video Production Lab Prac-102A
11 Print Media Production Lab Prac-103B

Work & Internships after 2nd Year/ Final Year

All students are offered with opportunities for interning and work with different organizations for right after the completion of their final year. On pursuing the internships and jobs right after second year, the students shall be in a better position to pursue their professional career in Media & Entertainment industry. The Academy tries its best to attach the deserving students to different organisations of the industry.

Course Module also includes:

- Print Media Journalism
- News Tabloid Production
- Radio Journalism
- TV Journalism
- Film & TV Program Production
- Audio Program Production
- Business of Media
- Digital Media & New Media

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